Insurance Transcription Services

Insurance dictation

Sadel Inc provides quality investigative transcription services to insurance agents, claims adjusters and insurance law firms. Sadel Inc’s experienced transcriptionists will help increase the efficiency and accuracy of your documentation, reports and letters. Our 24-hour phone-in access system is available to submit files as well as emailing audio files. Sadel Inc’s team of transcriptionists have many years of training and experience working within the insurance industry. Allow us to help you meet time constraints and accuracy expectations.

We Transcribe:

  • Insurance claim statements

  • Worker’s compensation claims

  • Theft reports

  • Damage reports

  • Summary reports

  • Claimants and Witnesses Reports

  • And more!

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“I love working with Michelle.  She is excellent.  She also works all hours of the day, and even on the weekends, when I need her most.”


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